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The olfactive rendering of an art object to be used in the service of ritual self-deliverance, from “Luxury Of Choice”, an exhibition that explores a unique passage of life to death.

Fragrance collaboration with FOLIE à PLUSIEURS

Photography - Marinó Thorlacius


"An Artefact from Luxury of Choice

Ltd Ed. of 40 bottles, hand wrapped carbon fibre, 3D printed copper lid

Feelings: Free fall, neon-grey, oxidized metal, the close proximity of glass, burned concrete, vacuum of space.

Palette: metallic note, rose oxyde, orris, leather, gaiacwood, ambroxan, cedarwood.

Nose: Mark Buxton"


The final point of clarity. When choice leads through the gates of no return

“Luxury of Choice” challenges us to live with the presence and actuality of death — living with this knowledge brings the appreciation of and grounding in the present moment, lived consciously and with gratitude. “…irreversibility is something that applies to life in general – every moment in time is irreversible, and every point in our life is a point of departure, the one that we have to quit in order to move on, but also the one that we have to embrace to consciously make the next move.”

Dimensions of FOALD - 130 mm x 230 mm x 170 mm

WEIGHT - 6 Raven feathers

MATERIAL - Horse, Basalt, Waxed thread

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    FOALD is now produced in Portugal, and shipped directly from the workshop it is made in, by courier.

    We produce with The Last Conspiracy, a Danish company.

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This product, a Horse Skin Clutch, was originally made in 2010 in our studio in Iceland from chromium tanned Icelandic horse skin and regionally sourced basalt.

To update this item for the year 2022, it is now made in Portugal by our partner The Last Conspiracy, a Danish brand, from regional vegetable tanned horse skin, lava-stone, laser beams and human energy.

The object has been marginally altered from the original version, where XX has taken the place of machine stitch and the closure has been adjusted for reasons we won’t talk about. The same legacy cutting file is used to drive the laser's servo mechanisms.

FOALD is constructed from 3 pieces of leather, sutured into shape by a master of machine and skin, fastened with lava stone, creating a volume to hold the unique contraction of precise articles that compose your true journey.

The arrangement of volume and surface form are the eventuation of manipulated old-school dart geometries and tailor-method easing in concert. The exploitation of these fundamental techniques in the pattern construction shapes the meshed skin fibers into a taught surface from of the forces of tension and compression in non-consensual abeyance.

A black basalt lava stone is milled into a sphere, sheared, and shank sewn into place for fastening. In concluding the fabrication, a waxed thread is hand applied, securing the stresses, for reasons aesthetic and practical.

The edges are blackened from carbon as a result of the awesome power of the 100watt CO2 laser, focused through a German glass lens, at wickedly hot degrees Celsius defined by a combination of power and speed. A lower power beam is used to engrave the object text

Laser-burn aesthetic and olfaction featured strongly in the studio work during this period.

This is a clutch for a fluid age. It is all volume.