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CRUSHED is a silver band, shaped from plates of prismatic layers, and oxidized black.

It is made from the application of high heat to silver, the embrace of silicon, and dramatized surface decay - The outcome of the cognitive revolution, and the intention of mining and metallurgy.

One color option is available – a black patina accelerated from the loss of electrons amid a state induced by the reckless transfer of potassium sulfide compounds

Every patinated object will wear differently based on your behavior and skin pH to become individually yours.


We offer Crushed in the following sizes:
Size 1 is 6

Size 2 is 8

Size 3 is 9,5


Our silver [Ag] is mined from the unflat Earth toward which we are pulled, and after manipulation, it is oxidized black.

Blackened silver comes from a surface decay effect from accelerating a natural process with a chemical treatment, affecting only the top layer of the metal.

Through time, friction, and your individual environment behavior, the black patina will increase or decrease.

Gradually, as the black wears, new details are revealed, based on the usage and individual’s skin pH.

In some situations, the oxidized finish can polish away - To re-black your silver, consult your jeweller.

Wear at will.

Dimensions of CRUSHED 137mm x 46 mm


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  • Shipping and Production

    CRUSHED is produced in Paris, France, and shipped directly from the workshop it is made in, by courier.

  • Exchanges

    We want you to choose carefully and make sure this is something you want.

    Consider the environmental costs before changing your mind.

  • Usage & Care

    Over time the black oxidation will wear, presenting a new patina based the usage and individuals skin pH.

    This can be re oxidized by a jeweller or with product.



This object, a Xx, was originally made in 2011 in our studio in Iceland for the collection
By the tides,
By the waves
for Autumn and Winter 2012, from silver sourced from within the earth.

To update this item for the year 2023, it is now made in France by our partner OSS, an Argentinian workshop, from provincial silver, oxide inducing Sulphur, silicon molding, and human energy.

A silver cable is shaped to a square profile and threaded through in the replication of a staple, fastening symbolism to object – Human curiosity and its nature in a harmonic grasp.

The design has not been altered from the original version - These new rings have been cast from the original samples.

Xx is cast by heating silver in a crucible to above 970 degrees Centigrade, pouring into a silicon mold. Centrifugal force pushes the silver into all parts of the meld, whereafter it is removed, quenched, finished by hand before, threading the staple, and preparing for oxidation. oxidizing it, to make a ring for the representation of character, visual semantic, and aesthetic illusion.

Xx is made by casting silver into a silicon mold, hand finishing and oxidizing the surface, to make a ring for the representation of character, visual semantics, and aesthetic illusion.

The ring was developed from folding layers of light absorbing foil, to broken layers of shell in their transfer from exoskeleton to limestone, to make a maquette from which the cast was made.