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ÍSBJÖRN - Ice Bear

is a full size 3m Polar bear rug,
made from 15 Icelandic sheep skins.
in an edition of 10

Originally commissioned for Valgeir Sigurðsson Greenhouse/ Gróðurhús studios in Reykjavík, home of the Bedroom Community Label - to really tie the room together.

A big room.

The Ísbjörn measures 3000 mm from nose to tail and is made from approximately 15 Icelandic Sheepskins with two large custom made Glass Eyes.  It is constructed in three parts of Iceland and sent Boxed from Reykjavik.  It has a lead time of six weeks to shipping from order and is in a limited run of Ten.

The bear is produced in a numbered series of 10 arctic winter whites, with special variations in black, brown and albino.

It has a lead time of six weeks to shipping from order.
This non-product 
is sent via courier.


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Dimensions of ÍSBJÖRN 300 cm x 250 cm

WEIGHT 2500 gm

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  • Shipping and Production

    ÍSBJÖRN is produced in Denmark, from Icelandic sheepskin, and shipped directly from the workshop it is made in, by courier.
    This is item is made to order only with a three week lead time.

  • Exchanges

    We want you to choose carefully and make sure this is something you want.

    Consider the environmental costs before changing your mind.

    Returns are not an option for this object

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ŌMNI was designed originally for the Isamu Noguchi Museum and FOLIE à PLUSIEURS in 2020.

The Listening Object is a quartz sand 3D printed platform, made in Germany, for placing and burning incense sticks.

The temporality of incense teaches us of the contradictory nature of presence - To be aware that you are here, while being aware that you are not there… Or somewhere else.

During the short period of burning, the listener is aware of the moments between lighting, listening, and extinguishing, while at the same time being transported to the place of memories or creative imagination.

Here, and not here. Permanent and permeable. Like the drifting and dissipating smoke.

Incense is a ritualized, short moment in time, for transition, for grounding, or for cognitive travel.

Like a meditation, creating the space to be present is a counterintuitive activity. Be present and let go. Despite this contradiction, the activity heightens the awareness of presence in which ever direction you find yourself facing.

ŌMNI quartz sand platform is a monument for burn affected listening, a memory device, a presence touchstone… and sometimes a memorial to a heightened and unseeable future.